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Our Team

We are incredibly proud of our talented, experienced and highly qualified team.

Andy Simpson

Managing Director

Leonie Tayler

Director of Business Development

Sian Williams

Account Director

Jim Paterson

Account Director

Katie Simpson

Lead Researcher

Robbie Barr

Lead Project Specialist

Abigail Carter

Bid Manager

Louise Dunn

Account Manager

Lizzie Owen

Account Manager

Justine Hughes

Account Manager

Samantha Long

Account Manager

Hannah Lunn

Account Manager

Ellie Wicks

Account Manager

Jon Matthews


Katie O'Rourke


Dan Newton

Digital Specialist

Noreen Muhwati

Customer Engagement Specialist

Olivia Wilson

Marketing Specialist

Alex Bradley

Recruitment Specialist

Naomi Peh

Designer and Animator

Jen Robson

Content Specialist

Rebecca O'Higgins

Digital Specialist

Jonny Clarke

Film and Animation Partner

Jen Ledger

Designer and Animator

A full service agency specialising in behaviour change for social good.

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Interested in joining us? Find out more about the perks of working at Brightsparks and current opportunities on our careers page.

Marketing Strategy
Behaviour Change 
Campaign Management
Service Design
Film and Animation
Content Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Brand and Identity Design
Fundraising and Bid Support
Programme Management
Editorial and Print Media
Influencer Marketing
Procurement Support
System Design
Business Planning and Strategy
Website and App Development
Press and PR
Training and Development
Pay Per Click Campaigns
Data Analysis and Insights
Virtual Events
Search Engine Optimisation

Our Services

We have a huge toolkit of services, systems and approaches we can draw on to create a custom solution to achieve your aims. Our brilliant team work with you to understand what you want to achieve, and design a solution that will meet (or exceed) your objectives. 

How we work with you

We're Part of Your Team

 We work collaboratively with you as an extension of your team, supporting you to achieve your organisation's aims. 
You can count on us.

We get started as quickly as possible.

We know that the quicker we get up and running with your project, the quicker we can start making a difference to you, your organisation and your service users. Our team all work at Brightsparks to make a difference, so you can guarantee we're very quick off the starting blocks.

Data is King.

We use data to guide decision making, not opinion. 

We're passionate.

We only take on projects where we know we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver great outcomes. Equally, we only do projects that we're passionate about and where we can see how our work will have a positive social impact. 
Otherwise, what's the point?

We're honest. 

If we think something's not going to work or we need to change approach, we say so. Even if it costs us money or involves us admitting we got it wrong. Brightsparks exists to make a positive difference and that always comes first. 

"Brightsparks are working as an extension of our internal team, delivering innovation, expertise and fantastic results. The team are solution-focused, creative and responsive to tight timescales."

- Jenny Lingrell,
Joint Assistant Director Commissioning, Performance and Improvement at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Understanding How
People Think

All our work is underpinned by evidence-based behavioural psychology. 

We use this psychology (known as Behavioural Science) to create campaigns, brands, systems and services that will reach and engage your target audiences, and nudge them towards behaviour change you want to achieve.

Market-Leading Tools and Systems

We believe that social purpose organisations should be able to benefit from the same tools and systems used by Silicon Valley corporations. 

We use market-leading no-code and low-code products to provide future-proof, high quality solutions to help you achieve your aims.

Our Values

We reinvest our resources from Brightsparks Agency into our sister community interest company, Brightsparks CIC, so we can make even more of a difference. 

Our Approach

Our Values

We believe in the power of purpose-focused organisations as a force to bring about positive change for people and society. 


That’s why we exclusively work with social purpose organisations to help you achieve your goals.

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