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Client Testimonial: Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Every child deserves to be happy, healthy and achieve their full potential.

At Brightsparks we believe that a safe and caring home can provide children and young people with the best opportunities to live their life to the fullest.

This is why we support local authorities by delivering innovative foster carer recruitment campaigns to recruit more foster carers to support all children and young people through the most important stages of their life.

We are pleased to be achieving excellent results through our collaborative work with Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Brightsparks has thoroughly enjoyed working with Bradford Metropolitan District Council who were kind enough to share their experience of working with us:

“I have worked with Brightsparks on two occasions now, in both Rotherham and Bradford. In a time where there is a national shortage of foster carers, they offer a package of marketing and PR support that assists organisations in boosting their foster carer recruitment.
“They have a strong knowledge base of fostering - in terms of the challenges that LA’s face in meeting sufficiency as well as the competitors' market.
“Brightsparks have a strong, tried and tested working model of targeted recruitment via online social media platforms. They work closely with the client to identify the demographic/personas of prospective carers to assist in targeting that key audience. They are then able to influence their online behaviour throughout the recruitment funnel to move them forward to action. Brightsparks use robust data analysis systems to inform this targeted recruitment.
“The results of Brightsparks’ input has been amazing. For example, in the first two months of the campaign with Bradford, 17 leads converted to assessment. This evidence shows that the quality of the leads was strong.
“Brightsparks also assisted us with our branding, website and media content, all of which attracted lots of positive comments and feedback and was of market-leading standards.
“I have found the team at Brightsparks to be professional, competent, knowledgeable and friendly. They build positive relationships with all levels of the service and there is a real sense of working together almost as an extension of your team. Their work is to the highest of standards and they offer a high level of customer service and provide fantastic results in terms of foster carer recruitment.”

- Catherine Boaler, Fostering Manager at Bradford Metropolitan District Council


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