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Chance for Childhood - Smiley Charity Film Awards Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that Chance for Childhood’s #OverExposed campaign film, created by Brightsparks, has been named as a finalist in the Smiley Charity Film Awards. This nomination is a great honour and recognition of the importance of the work that Chance for Childhood is doing to support children in Africa.

Chance for Childhood is dedicated to ensuring that all children in Africa have access to a safe and happy childhood. As part of this commitment, they have pledged to remove all identifiable images of children from their campaigns and branding.

The #OverExposed campaign, which Brightsparks launched, aims to encourage other organisations in the international development sector to do the same.

In contrast to many charity campaigns that show distressing images of children, #OverExposed seeks to shift the focus to a more ethical approach that acknowledges the power dynamics at play and that children, and their families, are not in a position to provide informed consent.

The #OverExposed campaign film is an important tool in this movement, helping organisations to reflect on their use of identifying images of children and make positive changes. Together, we can create a brighter future for children in Africa.


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