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Brightsparks Academy Alumni: Priya on Starting a Career in Digital Marketing.

Have you been waiting to start your dream job in the digital or creative industries? Are you worried you don't have enough work experience for a career in marketing?

Priya, our recent Brightsparks Academy Graduate, came to Brightsparks Academy wanting to feel more confident about her digital knowledge and to prepare herself to get back on the ladder after a career break:

If I could stop every young adult on their way out of a higher educational institution and tell them to just attend this 10 week course - even if they feel they have the answers - I truly believe each and every one of them would come out stronger and better equipped for our, at many times, confusing and complicated world. The amount the course covers, the clarity you get , and the level of direction and career advice on this course has utterly blown me away.

- Priya, Brightsparks Academy Graduate

As a housewife, Priya devoted the last 16 years looking after her family. Prior to this she worked as a Flight Attendant for an International carrier for more than 12+years. Now that her children are older, and comfortably independent and responsible, she felt ready to focus on herself. Priya shared how Brightsparks Academy gave her the confidence to reach for her goals and prepared her for a career in marketing:

The first step for me was to prepare myself, to reassess where I was at, what I am passionate about specifically, if it is something realistic as a career path and most importantly, How can I make it actually happen? That's where the Brightsparks Digital Marketing Course is worth its weight in gold and so much more!
I started off with many ideas, mixed up in my mind in no particular order, not even sure if they were realistic or achievable.
However, to my absolute surprise and amazement, through this course, thanks to the coaching I received , I have asked myself deeper questions on my short, medium and long term goals and their attainability. I have looked deeper into my values, skills and passions, created a digital CV and my personal statement.
To top it off I have been given the excellent opportunity to learn the skills to Digitally Market my product and service, to help fulfil these goals, preparing myself for the future where I can pursue a career again.
Learning about search engine optimisation, paid email, social media marketing, and about the various digital marketing means to market one's product or services is invaluable…I couldn't recommend it more!

- Priya, Brightsparks Academy Graduate

We're looking forward to watching Priya thrive on her digital marketing journey.

Our Brightsparks Academy programme is available for free, providing training, coaching and guidance to help those furthest from employment to secure roles in the digital sector.

If you are interested in taking part in a future cohort, email us at:


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