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Keep the Few NHS IPUs

NHS Addictions Provider Alliance (NHS APA)

With NHS inpatient detox provision in England at breaking point there is a risk that patients living with the most life-threatening addictions will not be able to access appropriate treatment in the very near future.

NHS APA commissioned Brightsparks to deliver a strategic lobbying and public awareness campaign to secure NHS England funding for NHS Inpatient Detox Units, reaching national platforms and generating key stakeholder support.

Our 'Keep the Few NHS IPUs' campaign was very successful and contributed to the securing of an additional £80million in new government funding. 

Key Achievements

£80 million

Contributed to securing additional £80million in new government funding


campaign signatures of support, including politicians, service users, sector professionals, charities and commissioners


new NHS ‘Dame Carol Detoxification Service’ through new funding.

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